Dawsonville, GA

Dawsonville was established in 1857 and is a part of the metropolitan Atlanta area. It was incorprated as a city in 1952, It is named after State Senator William Dawson. It consists of an area of 8.2 miles.

Dawsonville is home to retired NASCAR race driver, Bill Elliot, “Awesome Bill from Dawsonville”. Bill’s son, Chase, currently races in the NASCAR Cup Series. Every time one of them has had a significant racing accomplishment, like a win, the towns siren goes off to let everyone know. This community has a long standing tradition of being involved in the racing sport. It is rumored that the racing skills in this area were originally developed because of the moonshine activity in the area. Every October Dawsonville holds the Mountain Moonshine Festival.

Amicalola Falls is about 15 miles north of Dawsonville and is one of the seven natural wonders of Georgia.

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